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Book Your Facial or Massage
Begin your journey to a more beautiful you.

Treatments and Services

Thank you for taking the time to discover why every M Spa Facial, Massage and treatment is designed to not only provide a soothing, restorative and blissful experience, but also to harness the amazing properties of essential ingredients… helping to connect the mind, body and spirit.

M Spa treatments often incorporate the use of essential oils and phytoestrogents.

An essential oil is a concentrated liquid containing oil aroma compounds from plants, or ‘living energy’! An oil is “essential” in the sense that it carries a distinctive essence, and property of the plant. Essential oils contain numerous anti-aging properties. When combined and applied in the right way, they oxygenate, hydrate and detoxify skin.

Phytoestrogents stimulate collagen, elastin and reticulin deep in the dermis layer of the skin. As we age, estrogen levels deteriorate, causing the skin to sag, and loose the vital appearance of youth. Phytoestrogents simply mimic a woman’s own estrogen in order to prevent, and counter-act the signs of aging.

The most essential ingredient to a visit at M Spa is personal attention. The M Spa staff will adapt any facial, massage or treatment to the individual needs of a guest; ultimately resulting in an ‘out of mind’ and divine body experience!

Begin your journey to a more beautiful you.


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